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Ilona Szyzskowski

4th Grade - Room 16

Daily Schedule

8:15         Breakfast in the Classroom

8:30         Health/ Writing Prompt/silent reading

9:00         Math lesson (H/W given daily)

10:00      Recess

10:30      Lang. Arts – Reading (Mon.- leveled groups, Tues.- partners, Wed.- mixed level grouping, Thurs.- independent)

11:45      Lunch

12:30      Lang. Arts – grammar/ writing

1:30         Science/ Soc. Studies/Technology/ Art

2: 15        PE

2:38 DISMISSAL (TUES.- 1:38)


Homework Policy

Homework is given daily and needs to be returned the following day.

Students are given a packet every Monday for Language Arts. Each page of the packet is marked with the day for which the homework page is assigned.

Math lesson taught and completed in class will be stapled to the Homework page so the student and parents can access and review the lesson taught in class. The homework page also has the review of the lesson. Please assist your child with homework only if necessary.

I will be working on building them up to become and independent thinkers and workers in order to prepare them for 5th grade.

Please, encourage your child to spend 15-20 min. daily reading aloud as well as practicing their math and reading skills on the following internet programs:

  • Khanacademy.org
  • Dreambox.com
  • Frontrowed.com
  • Code.org
  • Cleaver.com (access to BENCHMARK, Lang. Arts curriculum)

About Me…

 I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. After graduating high school, I left Poland to reunite with my mother who was already in United States.

I spent a year living in Rome, Italy and arrived in US in 1970.  

Though, I did not attend public schools here, in United Stated, I have been involved in public education since my son started to attend school in 1990.

I attended college while working as a TA, and graduated from CSUN in 1999. Haskell was the first school I interviewed for and got hired as a result. 

 I have been a part of Haskell staff since year 2000. During those years, I have taught 2nd and 3rd grade but predominantly 4th and 5th.

 I am proud to be a part of Haskell STEAM Team and to be involved hands on in shaping our future generations.


“It takes a village to raise a child.” Together we are raising our future society.

Ilona Szyszkowski-Batis

Ilona Szyszkowski-Batis