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5th Grade

5th Grade

Written down with a date becomes
A goal broken down into steps becomes
A plan backed by ACTION becomes

Our fifth grade team works collaboratively to ensure all fifth graders are successful. As a grade level, we plan for grade level activities, analyze data, and share our best practices on a regular basis.

We also pride ourselves on our individual strengths and teaching methods, that allow for creative instruction and autonomy, that benefits our students’ unique learning styles.

While addressing the Common Core State Standards, we strive to ensure that our fifth graders are academically, mentally, and socially prepared for middle school.



The elements of STEAM are incorporated and integrated into all areas of our curriculum. While using all district required programs, we supplement every subject with project and problem based learning. We use technology to research and present our learning, including iMovie, Google Slides, and Nearpod. We regularly incorporate science and engineering in math projects, from building tiny houses to planning entire geometric cities. STEAM inspired arts projects include Visual Arts representations of scientific models, presenting dramatizations (including full length musicals and reader’s theater) about history, science, or character development, and presenting our learning through original songwriting. As a grade level, we culminate our STEM learning with our annual STEM Olympics, a collaborative challenge that integrates science, technology, engineering, and math in exciting events such as the egg drop, the reflection relay, and a sailboat race!

For the third trimester, the fifth grade team has set our SMART goals for English Language Arts and Math. In ELA, using DIBELS as our assessment tool, 90% of fifth graders will achieve the green or blue level, indicating proficiency in fluency and comprehension. For Math, our fifth graders will demonstrate proficiency in interrelated mathematical concepts in a project based learning activity, which may vary per classroom teacher. 80% of students will complete the project meeting all criteria, including accurate calculations using decimals, fractions, and whole numbers.

As the year winds down, eligible fifth graders get to participate in a variety of special activities to celebrate their final year as a Haskell Rascal. Karaoke, softball against the teachers, and a harbor cruise in San Pedro. Our students participate in a culmination ceremony, including student speeches, inspiring songs, and honoring students’ accomplishments. It is a day to reflect on their years here at Haskell, and celebrate the growth they have made as students, but more importantly, as people. As a team, we work hard to make fifth grade full of academic progress, as well as a truly memorable experience.

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