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Connie Covert

Connie Covert Locker
9/26/19 11:08 AM
9/26/19 8:46 AM

coffee with the principal

fundraising with pta

Ms. Covert's Philosophy on education

Education helps make change possible. A well-educated and articulate citizenry is essential if our communities are to continue to grow and thrive, and all members of our communities have a right to make an impact upon them. My mission is to ensure students have access to a comprehensive education and acquire the skills of self-expression so that they can participate as change agents in their own communities. My core belief is that learning, inquiry, communication and self-expression are the primary tools necessary for students to use in identifying the need around them and to create the change that shapes their communities. I am committed to giving students those tools.

Ms. Covert examines a Praying maNtis
Ms. Covert examines a Praying matis