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Yolanda Alvarez-Ruiz

2nd Grade - Room 8
Class Schedule
8:10-8:30     Breakfast In The Classroom, SSR and Roll Call
8:30-8:45        Calendar, DLR, DMR
8:45-9:00    Review Homework (Comprehension and Math)
9:00-9:20    P.E.
9:20-10:25   Language Arts/Social Studies
10:25-10:45  Recess
10:45-12:15  Language Arts, ELLP, (small group instruction)
12:15-1:00        Lunch
1:00-2:00    Math
2:00-2:30   Technology/Science
2:38           Dismissal
Tuesday Dismissal 1:38
Thursday  9:30-10:00  Library
Dreambox School Code: launches/9qy9
ZEARN Access Code: XX7X6K
Scholastic News/Magazines Access Code: gillsgray505
Mrs. Alvarez-Ruiz
Mrs. Alvarez-Ruiz
Yolanda Alvarez-Ruiz Locker