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Janice Ben-Aderet

3rd Grade - Room 29

Class Rules

Be safe!

Be responsible!

Be respectful!


Teaching Philosophy

My goal in the classroom is to create a safe and nurturing learning environment where every child is given the opportunity to grow physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. All students have the ability to reach their full potential and it is my job to guide and give them the right skills in order to reach this potential. Students in my classroom are always encouraged to ask questions, share their ideas, critically think, and take learning risks. Every student is unique and I make sure to present a curriculum that accommodates and incorporates each different learning style to assure that every child is learning in a way that best suits their needs.


Daily Schedule

8:00-8:10         BIC and morning work

8:30-9:00         Go over homework and morning work.

9:00-10:00       Math

10:00-10:20     PE

10:25-10:45     Recess

10:45-11:45     Reading

11:45-12:15     Writing

12:15-1:00       Lunch

1:00-1:45         Science in Room 28  (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

1:00-2:30         Art/Engineering  (Friday)

1:45-2:30         Social Studies  (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

2:30-2:38         Get Ready to go Home

**Every other Tuesday  8:30-9 Library

**Every other Wednesday  8:30-9:15  Psycho-Motor

Janice Ben-Aderet
Janice Ben-Aderet
Janice Ben-Aderet Locker