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Hello Haskell STEAM Families!

Haskell is a full, “continuous enrollment” Magnet. This means all students, grades 1-5, must apply for our school through the district’s eChoices process, with first priority granted to residential students.  This provides all district students in Grades 1-5 access to a thriving STEAM elementary school without reducing the enrollment opportunity of our neighborhood students.

Our Magnet provides the same LAUSD curriculum as any elementary school, but deepens learning in a “STEAM” format.


What is STEAM?

S- Science

T - Technology

E- Engineering

A- Arts

M- Math


Being a STEAM school means that students develop their own original ideas and persevere in testing them out. As they become more comfortable presenting their thoughts and working through their designs through “trial and error,” it is hoped students will begin expressing their ideas and what they’ve learned through art or engineered projects. Our students will be prepared to enter their middle and senior high schools college or career aware; fully prepared to problem solve or create models or works of art using the habits of mind from STEAM education. Ultimately, we want our students to culminate from Haskell STEAM Magnet continuing to seek out learning that helps them participate ethically as global citizens, successfully meeting the demands of a 21st century workforce.

Each of the STEAM content areas has its own plan, curriculum, events, and projects, and they are all interdependent upon each other when completing projects. This requires lots of external effort to support the work of our inspiring teachers within the classrooms.  We value and greatly need parent participation to help us enliven our learning environment.

The Haskell staff looks forward to meeting each and every one of you as we figure out how deep our work can go and how magnificent our kids can be.


Principal's Orientation, 8/18/20

Haskell engaged in a rigorous vetting process in order to become STEAM certified.

Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision