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2nd Grade

Our Vision for Second Grade classes

Second grade students are learning to become independent and lifelong learners. We are working towards becoming proficient in all curricular subjects,and embrace the growth mindset, believing that every student can succeed with hard work and good strategies, by learning from our mistakes, and never giving up!! We will work hard to nurture this type of perseverance.

Students will require family support to do their best on their homework and to meet the rigor of the second grade curriculum. Working collaboratively with families will benefit and help students meet and exceed second grade standards. Together, we can help students succeed and reach their full potential to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Second grade uses the Benchmark Advance curriculum, within which social studies & science standards are embedded and further enhanced by Project Based Learning. We use the engage NY math curriculum to develop students’ mathematical conceptual understanding and problem solving skills, in combination with My Math. Students will also continue with Common Sense Media lessons and various STEM challenges.

The following links outline the second grade standards and curriculum:

2nd Grade SMART Goals

ELA SMART Goals: By EOY, at least 80% of second graders will meet “core” level benchmark for their DIBELS composite score. All other students will move up at least one proficiency level from where they started in BOY.

MATH SMART Goals: By June, at least 80% of second graders will be proficient or advanced in using place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract within 1,000, as demonstrated on the District Interim Math Assessment and various math class assignments. (CCSS 2.NBT.7)